Installed 2000+ solar water heaters

SRS has crossed the land mark of installing more than 2000 solar water heaters in all over Pakistan from Quetta, Karachi to Bannu & Mansera. Out of these around 700 Solar water heaters were installed at different Milk Collection Centres (MCC) of Nestle & Engro Foods. The MCC of these companies are located in all major villages of Punjab and Sind. SRS is proud of their field teams who have completed these installations in hot & cold weather by travelling more than 2500km from Sergodha to Shikarpur in interior Sind.

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  • We are really glad to see the outcome of the installation at Unilever,  perhaps it is build up of new era in Pakistan w.r.t. Alternate Energy. It is hoped...

    Mian Rashid Mahmood, US Denim Mills (pvt) Ltd
  • Mr. Ibrahim Khan of SRS Energy Solution Provider,  whom I personally find him the best among other participants in terms of providing a better Energy...

    Zafar Iqbal
  • SRS was quite pleasant. The folks who came out knew their business. They took a look at my dwelling and my...

    Usman Riaz
  • One of the nicer aspect of solar systems is that there is very little maintenance required. Once a month...

    Numair Imran
  • After solar, my lowest electric bill was Rs.0

    Majid Shafiq

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