In continuous escalating energy price scenario, S R S is striving to provide solutions for energy conservation and renewable energies. S R S is developing an innovative Solar Hybrid Air conditioner Saving Kit (SHACS Kit) which can save 22% to`50% of electric power on window type or split air conditioners.

The kit comprises of mechanical and electronic components. The mechanical part is solar thermal collector which absorbs heat energy from environment due to which refrigerant pressure inside air conditioner increases, which helps the compressor to do less work. It is observed that 22~25% power saving is achieved through solar collector.

Air conditioners perform two basic functions: heat removal and moisture removal.

Anytime you increase the temperature on your thermostat, you save money. When a unit first turns on, it takes seven to 10 minutes of continuous operation to reach maximum efficiency. The longer it runs after reaching peak efficiency, the better it is for the unit. During this time the electronic device of SHACS Kit slows down the compressor for preset few minutes during which blower is blowing the air and the effect of decreasing cooling is balanced by the cooling heat exchanger inside the evaporator. An electronic kit switches off or slows down the compressor on regular interval at preset temperature for 3 or 4 minutes. This can further bring around 20%~25% of electric saving. The variation in reading depends upon the consumption and working of different brands of air conditioners available in the market.

At the moment the WAPDA or KESC free solar air conditioner is not economically feasible, therefore we have introduced this solar hybrid air conditioner kit which can reduce your electric bill up to 45%. It can be the best choice where the air conditioners work round the clock such as ATM rooms or BTS temperature controlled rooms.

Test Results of Solar Hybrid AC Kit: Electricity saving compare with conventional type (Only Cooling Mode):

Electricity consuming Electricity saving (%)
Conventional type 1.5 Ton 1980W 42.02%
With SHACS Kit 1148W
Conventional type 2Ton 2580W 46%
Solar Air-conditioner MT-2 1393W

The kit can be installed in existing split AC units. We only have to examine if there is sufficient space to place electronic kit & heat exchanger in the required unit.


Please see below data of 2 Ton General AC without SHACS Kit and with SHACS Kit taken during month of April 2009.

General A/C 2 Ton    Data without SHACS Kit:

Time  Hrs Room Temp Amb. Temp Amps
16:00 27 ºC 38 13.5
17:00 24 ºC 38 13.3
18:00 23 ºC 37.5 13.4
19:00 24 ºC 35 13.3

General A/C 2 Ton    Data with SHACS Kit:

Time  Hrs Room Temp Amb. Temp Amps
13:00 28 ºC 35.5 6.6
14:00 28 ºC 36 6.8
15:00 28 ºC 37 6.9

Temperature of air near evaporator: 20° C


1)      SHACS Kit can bring down the temperature about 9°C than ambient temperature.

2)      In this experiment 49.41% of electricity saving can be seen with SHACS Kit.

3)     There is little difference between power consumption during day and night.

4)     At 28°C room was at comfortable level during month of April. If the doors are closed for longer duration then the room temperature can further be reduced.

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