SRS Demand Control Management DCM System & Demand Control Lighting DCL System

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, energy savings from using such devices can save from:

40% to 46% in classrooms

13% to 50% in private offices

30% to 90% in restrooms

22% to 65% in conference rooms

30% to 80% in corridors, and

45% to 80% in storage areas.

SRS DCL System can cut 20~40% of electricity load in general offices:

-SRS DCL+ LED Tube Light Solution means more than 90% Saving in Lighting Load

– A complete DCM system will switch off computers, lights and air conditioners when no one is around.

-It extends equipment life.

-Enhance Security by indicating that an area is occupied.

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Solar Water Desalination System

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Solar Water Desalination System

Technical Details

1          Each Solar Water Desalination unit should be 1 square meter in dimension.

2          Modular construction of 1 m2 basin area.

3          Each unit should deliver 4.5-5 liters of water per day during summer season.

4          Mechanism to maintain 1.0 cm – 2.0 cm depth of water in the still basin.

5          The basin of the still should not lose the property of absorption of solar radiation during the still life.

6          Technical details consisting of drawings, materials used, process of manufacturing, Project Management Plan including transportation, installation, commissioning and testing etc would be submitted in the technical proposals.

7          Correct and verifiable performance and technical parameters must be specified.

8         Performance parameters would also be given in the technical proposals.

9          Performance of the sample provided will be counter checked against curve    provided with the tender documents.

10        All components must be non corrosive.

11        All glasses must be tempered/ toughened & transparent to solar radiation.

12        The charges for Transportation, Installation, Clean water storage tanks, brackish water storage tanks should be given separately.

13        Draining and cleaning of the residual/ concentrated water must be easy. 14         Sealing must be insured.

15        Easy to transport and install.

16        It is planned to provide 9-10 liters/ home/ day of clean drinking water by using two systems (units). To ensure availability of at least one system if other is opened for maintenance.

17        Cleaning glass wiper to be provided to each house.

18        Supporting base for the Solar Thermal Desalination system in each house will be build by the villagers themselves.

19        Price of each item and work /job must be mentioned separately.

20        Operational and maintenance instructions must be issued to the villagers. (Preferably in local language or Urdu)

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The SRS Solar Generator or SRS PV Electric System is used to produce electricity from the Sun. The electric current produced by PV solar panels is DC, which is changed to AC current through a Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The current is then stored in special Deep Cycle Batteries. The system is controlled by intelligent controller and battery is safe guarded by Solar Charge Controller.

The full solar electric system consists of following 2 parts:

1) Solar P V Modules or PV Panels: The PV panels are heart of solar electric system, which converts light rays into DC electric current. These are available in mono crystalline, poly crystalline and amorphous types depending on material or silica used in their manufacturing. We are using PV modules made of world renowned Q PV cells from Germany

2) UPS Specially designed for Solar System: These are different than ordinary UPS as they consist of Deep Cycle Batteries, which have 3~5 years or 7~10 years life. The choice of batteries is left to the client. These batteries are maintenance free and are workable even when they are 80 % discharged. Then the system is designed to keep the UPS operative while getting variable current from PV panels. The normal UPS gets uniform current; while in solar system the current varies from low to peak and then again it drops in evening. Solar charger is an additional device in these solar ups which ensures safety of battery during peak hrs.

We can design any capacity of Solar Generator, as per client’s requirements.

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In order to obtain water temperature of more than 100deg C or to produce super heated steam, SRS can design, develop and install the steam generation system. The design will depend on number of factors, such as:
1)  Total per day demand of steam or hot water?
2)  Working hours? No of batches per day & time for onebatch?
3)  Required temperature & pressure of the system or process?
4)  The quality of feed water?
5)  Whether the condensate is used or wasted? What is the quality of condensate?
6)  Whether the steam is directly used or indirectly used?
7)  If the system is required for day time or night storage is also required?
8)  Depending on budget what percentage of saving is required? 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% or any other ratio.
9)  Is there sufficient space to install parabolic collectors?
10)  Location or site of installation.
11)  Industrial tariff of fuel used in existing boilers?

Direct Steam Production by Solar Parabolic Collectors

After obtaining all these information proper designing of solar system is prepared under the legal provisions set by boiler code. Mainly the system consists of following equipments:
1)  Vacuum tube collectors for pre heating
2)  Parabolic trough collectors for steam generation
3)  Variable Pressure heat Accumulator
4)  Set of steam separators & pressure regulators.
Solar Steam Generation Systems are mainly used for:
•  Industrial Process Heating
•  Cooling through special Energy Efficient Absorption Chillers
•  Thermal Electric Power Generation

Invest today in green technologies and save millions.

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During summer the normal concrete roof becomes very hot ranging from 50 to 60°C, where as temperature of ceiling is 25°c to 35°c. Due to this high temperature difference heat transfers from top to lower surface of roof. Then the ceiling fan spreads this heat in the whole room. So the temperature of the room becomes higher than outer hot atmospheric temperature.


SRS-CT has solved this problem. The upper layer of SRS-CT reflects the spectrum radiation and absorbs infra red rays of solar beam throughout the day. As the specific heat of SRS-CT is comparatively high , So its temperature remains normal (from 35°c to 45°c) even in the peak summer noon. SRS-CT minimizes the temperature difference. As the conduction of heat stops due to the minimum temperature difference, so the temperature of room remains same as it was in the morning. This is best recommended for new construction.

SRS-CT removes the need of Air conditioner, or room cooler in Rawalpindi climate, so a large amount of electrical energy consumed by Air conditioner or room cooler may be saved. On the other hand the rooms will remain hot through out the night in winter if they were heated initially, so heat energy consumed by a heater may be saved. With its tested and proven results one may call it Air Conditioning Tile.

Details of Cooling Tiles

Practical Results:

Time Outer air Temp. Room Temp. With MAT Diff. Between Outer air Temp. & MAT room
08 am 28 °C 28 °C 0 °C
12 pm 36 °C 28 °C 8 °C
02 pm 42 °C 28 °C 14 °C
04 pm 39 °C 28.5 °C 10.5 °C
06 pm 35 °C 28.5 °C 6.5 °C

This experimental data was collected from 15 May to 30 May 1997 in Rawalpindi Dist. It varies with outer Air Temperature.



SCT consists of three layers
1. Upper layer is for summer which composed of chemicals (solar powder) which are poor absorber of spectrum radiation and having comparatively high specific heat, mixed with white cement, having thickness 1/8 Inch.
2. Second layer consists of concrete in 1:3 Ratio having thickness 5/8 Inches. It is for strength.
3. Third layer is for winter. It is an insulator like thermapore of thickness ½ inch.


Size 12” X 12” X 1¼”
Area One Square Foot (1 Sqft)
Weight 3.78 Kg
Price On contact

Mode of Payment:

For Lahore

a) 60% advance with signed copy of work order..

b) 40% on delivery at site.

For Outstation: 100% Advance


  • SOLAR BRICKS” for walls can also be designed. It is made of concrete and solar powder on one side. Wall made of solar bricks will remain cool during summer sunny days. This wall will remain dry and be water resistant (saline and moisture proof) being concrete wall. It is also plaster less, So it may be painted after normal potine filling. The estimated cost is 25% less than normal wall. This construction will require 60% less time as compared to the conventional construction.
    * A solar tile for floor or courtyard is another energy conservation building material. This floor will remain cool or at bearable temperature in summer even at peak hours of May June’s sunny days. It is designed especially for courtyard of Mosques.
  • SRS ROOF GUARD: It is special mixture of chemicals which once spread on roof reflect the solar radiation. As most of solar rays are reflected to atmosphere therefore the room temperature is kept at comfortable level. Before applying the SRS Roof Guard, the roof is cleaned with water. After one day the two chemicals were simultaneously mixed and spread with wiper uniformly on the roof. When the chemicals dry then a white protective coating is formed. The SRS Roof Guard is applied where roof tiles are already fixed.

Please feel free to contact us for any further information/clarification.

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