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SRS Durable Induction Lamp

SRS Durable Lamps (also referred to as electrode less fluorescent lamps) are considered as one of the most advanced electrical light source in the world. These lamps have a rated life of about 100,000 hours (more than 15 years), phenomenal energy efficiency (more than 70% lesser consumption for same lumen output) and color rendition of the best fluorescent lamps make it a unique lighting source.

With exceptionally long life spans and extremely short pay back there is no other light source that provides so many additional benefits like minimizing heat generation thus reducing air conditioning costs and CO2 output.

SRS Durable Lamps have a patented integrated circuit board technology and low frequency (no interference) electromagnetic induction. They offer a unique lighting source that can be utilized in many applications like: security lighting, street lighting, bill board lighting, in-door high bay lights, etc. (wattages ranging from 15-300W).

SRS strives to provide environmentally safe products as per highest international standards, which are CE certified.

SRS durable lamps are available in following capacities:

Available in 15W, 18W, 40W, 80W, 120, 150W, 200W, 300W

Traditional Lamps                                                             SRS Durable Lamps

Types Rated Power (W) Actual Power Consumed (W) Rated Power (W) Actual Power Consumed (W)
HP Sodium 100 120 40 43
Metal Halide 150 180 80 86
Mercury 250 300 80 /120 130
400 500 150 / 200 160/220


Comparison SRS Durable Induction Metal Halide High Pressure Sodium
Warrantee 3 years None None
Life Hours 60,000 – 100,000 hrs 6,000~20,000 24,000
Energy Saving
Excellent Lower Lower
Lumen Efficacy Photopic Efficacy:

150 Plm/W
(Plm: Pupil Lumen)
Traditional Efficacy:

80 Lm/W

Photopic Efficacy:

110 Plm/W
(Plm: Pupil Lumen)
Traditional Efficacy:

75 Lm/W

Photopic Efficacy:

90 Plm/W
(Plm: Pupil Lumen)
Traditional Efficacy:

120 Lm/W

Rate %
5% @ 2,000 Hours 40% @ 2,000 Hours 30% @ 2,000 Hours
Lower, <80°F
Reduces A/C cost
Higher, >300° F
Increased A/C cost
Higher, >350° F
Increased A/C cost
CRI >80 (Ra) 65~80 (Ra) 60 (Ra)
Re-strike Instant Needs up to 10~15 minutes Needs up to 10~15 minutes
Flicker None Much Much
Glare None Much Much
No Mercury
No lamp waste in 10 years
Contains mercury
Concern with much lamp
waste over 10 years
Contains mercury
Concern with much lamp
waste over 10 years


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