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  • Date Added: Friday, 13 July 2012

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SRS Energy Efficient LED Tube Lights

The same illumination for the fraction of power… yes, it is now possible.

Energy Efficient LED tube lights, truly an energy conserving product.

You can now beat the spiraling electricity tariff.

LED tube lights consume up to 75% less energy with unbeatable life span of 50,000-80,000 hours.

This product has CE certification and complies with all current applicable standards.


Rated power: 18W, actual consumption 14.4W

Number of LEDs: 348

Lumens: 1914 lm

Dimensions: 1500mm, 4ft. (also available in 2 ft)

Volt: 110/220 VAC, 12/24 VDC

Working temperature: 35-45 C

Tube Material: glass/ plastic, designed to best suit the environment and our ambient conditions.

This product has CE certification and complies with all current applicable standards.


Tube Light Type
Real Power Consumption
Colour Temperature
Life (hrs.)
Conventional Flourescent
4 ft.
60W (Electronic Ballast)
80W (Magnetic Ballast)


LED Model: SRS-CT-342
4 ft.


LED Model: SRS-CT-276

4 ft.





LED Model: SRS-CT-176
2 ft.


Why choose EE-LED tube lights:

  • Tremendous energy savings: conventional fluorescent tube lights consume 65W where as LED Tube light consumes only 14.4W with better illumination.
  • No choke, no ballast.
  • No intensive heat and mercury content – safe for the environment
  • American LEDs used with special circuit protections for our local, ambient conditions.
  • Long life: 6-13 years depending on working hours.
  • Easy installation – Can be fitted in existing tube light fixture
  • Instant start, no flicker.
  • Models to suite all applications: industrial, residential and commercial.
  • High color index: it has a unique colour index providing bright true colour during night.
  • After sales service: 1 year warranty.

Payback: Short return on investment – thus offering exceptional value for your money.

Also available in range of sizes, models and colours for superior customer value.

Best lighting solution that money can buy!


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