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  • Date Added: Friday, 13 July 2012

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SRS SOLAR Water Pumps

Pakistan is an agriculture country. Due to recent load shedding and continuous increase in diesel & other fuel prices SRS is offering unique solar pump solutions. With our foreign partners we are helping the farmers to adopt technologies by which water can be conserved and to irrigate the land through alternative sources of energy. Water can be conserved by drip irrigation instead of flood irrigation. For drip irrigation we can utilize solar pumps which are now available in 1in, 2in & 2.5in dia. These pumps get power from solar energy through high quality PV panels. If the water table is up to 60ft then surface pump of low wattage is used, other wise submersible pumps are used.


There are many different types of solar water
pumping systems,

  • Lower-flow deep well DC submersible pumps
  • Higher yield DC/AC surface centrifugal pumps

Although the flow rate of these pumps is not as of conventional tube wells, but one can increase the flow rate by carefully selecting the system. It should be compatible for maximum output, low cost, and can be directly operated by PV panels. We also suggest inserting two submersible pumps of 2in in a single large bore of 12in.

Working Hours: The pump will operate during day time. We do not recommend batteries for night operation as it will increase the cost. If storage is required then one can construct a reservoir or tank above the ground level where water can be stored when water is not required in the farm.

Best Applications: The solar pumps are best suited for following applications:

  • For small acre of land used for intensive cropping, vegetables, orchards etc.
  • For poultry, dairy, fisheries
  • For village drinking water
  • For transferring long distance water where bore or well is far from the village.

The ongoing water requirements, the water storage volume, the amount of sunshine, the depth of well and any additional ‘lift’, any horizontal run long with the size of pipes, must all be taken into account when designing the optimum solar water pumping system.

Solar Solution for Tube Wells: For existing tube wells we recommend to install VSD on turbine motor to reduce the torque load and power consumption & then convert into solar energy.

Warranties: All our solar pump systems carry a standard SRS warranty against manufacturing fault for one year.


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