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The SRS Solar Generator or SRS PV Electric System is used to produce electricity from the Sun. The electric current produced by PV solar panels is DC, which is changed to AC current through a Pure Sine Wave Inverter. The current is then stored in special Deep Cycle Batteries. The system is controlled by intelligent controller and battery is safe guarded by Solar Charge Controller.

The full solar electric system consists of following 2 parts:

1) Solar P V Modules or PV Panels: The PV panels are heart of solar electric system, which converts light rays into DC electric current. These are available in mono crystalline, poly crystalline and amorphous types depending on material or silica used in their manufacturing. We are using PV modules made of world renowned Q PV cells from Germany

2) UPS Specially designed for Solar System: These are different than ordinary UPS as they consist of Deep Cycle Batteries, which have 3~5 years or 7~10 years life. The choice of batteries is left to the client. These batteries are maintenance free and are workable even when they are 80 % discharged. Then the system is designed to keep the UPS operative while getting variable current from PV panels. The normal UPS gets uniform current; while in solar system the current varies from low to peak and then again it drops in evening. Solar charger is an additional device in these solar ups which ensures safety of battery during peak hrs.

We can design any capacity of Solar Generator, as per client’s requirements.


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    Mian Rashid Mahmood, US Denim Mills (pvt) Ltd
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    Zafar Iqbal
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    Usman Riaz
  • One of the nicer aspect of solar systems is that there is very little maintenance required. Once a month...

    Numair Imran
  • After solar, my lowest electric bill was Rs.0

    Majid Shafiq

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