Solar Water Desalination System

  • Date Added: Tuesday, 17 July 2012

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Solar Water Desalination System

Technical Details

1          Each Solar Water Desalination unit should be 1 square meter in dimension.

2          Modular construction of 1 m2 basin area.

3          Each unit should deliver 4.5-5 liters of water per day during summer season.

4          Mechanism to maintain 1.0 cm – 2.0 cm depth of water in the still basin.

5          The basin of the still should not lose the property of absorption of solar radiation during the still life.

6          Technical details consisting of drawings, materials used, process of manufacturing, Project Management Plan including transportation, installation, commissioning and testing etc would be submitted in the technical proposals.

7          Correct and verifiable performance and technical parameters must be specified.

8         Performance parameters would also be given in the technical proposals.

9          Performance of the sample provided will be counter checked against curve    provided with the tender documents.

10        All components must be non corrosive.

11        All glasses must be tempered/ toughened & transparent to solar radiation.

12        The charges for Transportation, Installation, Clean water storage tanks, brackish water storage tanks should be given separately.

13        Draining and cleaning of the residual/ concentrated water must be easy. 14         Sealing must be insured.

15        Easy to transport and install.

16        It is planned to provide 9-10 liters/ home/ day of clean drinking water by using two systems (units). To ensure availability of at least one system if other is opened for maintenance.

17        Cleaning glass wiper to be provided to each house.

18        Supporting base for the Solar Thermal Desalination system in each house will be build by the villagers themselves.

19        Price of each item and work /job must be mentioned separately.

20        Operational and maintenance instructions must be issued to the villagers. (Preferably in local language or Urdu)


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    Numair Imran
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    Majid Shafiq

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