SRS Demand Control Management DCM System & Demand Control Lighting DCL System

  • Date Added: Wednesday, 29 August 2012

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According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, energy savings from using such devices can save from:

40% to 46% in classrooms

13% to 50% in private offices

30% to 90% in restrooms

22% to 65% in conference rooms

30% to 80% in corridors, and

45% to 80% in storage areas.

SRS DCL System can cut 20~40% of electricity load in general offices:

-SRS DCL+ LED Tube Light Solution means more than 90% Saving in Lighting Load

– A complete DCM system will switch off computers, lights and air conditioners when no one is around.

-It extends equipment life.

-Enhance Security by indicating that an area is occupied.


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    Mian Rashid Mahmood, US Denim Mills (pvt) Ltd
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    Zafar Iqbal
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    Usman Riaz
  • One of the nicer aspect of solar systems is that there is very little maintenance required. Once a month...

    Numair Imran
  • After solar, my lowest electric bill was Rs.0

    Majid Shafiq

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